Musikdesign – what’s that?
The Musikdesign program – Bachelor
Audition Bachelor

Musikdesign – what’s that?
Musikdesign considers working with sound as part of an overall performance, being experienced by the observer both multi-sensory and in a multimedia-based way. Music designers cooperate in conception and realization of this performance with other artists, experts for marketing and product acoustics in various sectors such as brand communication, product development, architecture, multimedia installation, motion picture, interactive application and mobile content. Music designers create sound using the elements (composed) music, speech, noise and are able to analyze as well as evaluate such aesthetically and psychoacoustically.

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The Musikdesign program – Bachelor
Musikdesign is a course of studies by the Trossingen University of Music in cooperation with the Furtwangen University (Faculty for Digital Media). After eight semesters, graduates receive the degree ‘Bachelor of Music’. Centerpiece of the programme comprises a solid education in aural theory, composition and orchestration/arrangement. Consequently, the artistic focus may be considered as being on musical composition. Further contents will be audio and video technology, market knowledge, media and project management.

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Audition Bachelor
The Musikdesign programme launches each winter semester. Every year, up to 15 students are being accepted. Closing date is April 1st of the correspondent year (based on postmark). The application folder has to contain realizations of two assignments (announced two months prior to closing date) plus a wide variety of own works.

Please be advised that the most current and therefor binding information on the application procedure is to be found at the info-center of the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen:

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Frequently Asked Questions Bachelor

When can I apply?
Applications for the follwing winter semester are being accepted until April 1st.

Is there an age restriction?

What’s the final degree of the studies?
Musikdesign concludes in the officially recognized ‘Bachelor of Music’ (B.Mus.) only being bestowed by artistic universities of music.

What’s the number of semesters needed to complete the course?
Eight semesters (four years).

Will all applicants be invited to the entrance examination?
Unfortunately, not every applicant can be invited to the examination. Therefore, a preselection will be made on the basis of the application documents and assignments provided.

Where will I study Musikdesign?
Courses take place at the Trossingen University of Music and the Furtwangen University, with the major part happening in Trossingen.

How much is the tuition fee?
Detailed information are found at the info-center of the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen.

Am I as a student of Musikdesign entitled to a student loan?
Yes, the studies entitle to student loans.

Do I need a qualification for university entrance to study Musikdesign?
If a special artistic talent and a sufficient educational background can be verified in the course of an academic aptitude test, applicants without such qualification may be admitted to studies.

Do I have to be able to read music?
What counts is musical talent – even or especially in unconventional shape. Being able to read music is not necessarily a requirement in the entrance examination.

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