Assignments will be released on February 15 every year.
Closing date is April 15 of the correspondent year (based on postmark).

Pleas note: Due to corona, closing date in 2020 is May 15.

Assignments 2020


Answer all the following questions in a short video message. The video doesn’t need to be professional – a recording with a smartphone is completely sufficient.

At the beginning state your name.
– At which point in time is your own music composition finished?
– When is music inventive?
– Name your favorite piece of music and justify your selection.

Max. length of the video: 1 minute. Format: MP4, MOV


Compose a tonal or musical association to Vassily Kandinskys artwork „Composition 8“. Avoid a fix time signature. Do not use any loops!


Format: mp3 (not less than 160 kbps), wav, aiff, mp4, mov. Length of a piece: max. four minutes. Choice of style and genre is up to the applicant. Possibilities include music pieces, sound collages and experimental works. Describe your ideation- and work process on half an A4 page (details below).


Both assignments need to be produced and submitted.


In addition to both assignments, also attach to your application folder a wide variety of your own works. Describe your ideation- and work process for each work on half an A4 page. This document contains: Did you use your own sound recordings or did you take them from a library? Did you play instruments or did you use software tools (if so, which ones)? Which methods of (digital) sound composition did you use and why?

More detailed information about the application process and the application folder here .